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3 a fire investigation... turns -3 to a murder investigation. the ccues hat lead police -3&pto suspect foul play... and who is nder rress this morning. 3 a city in financial crisiss four things the mayor saas she'll do to dg baltimore out from its mmssiie deficit. 3 and.. there's a one in fivee ccancc yur credit report contaans a maaor mistake.what - youucan do toddy to clean it & up. 3 3 &p 3
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3 tuesday, febbuary 12tt -3 3 3 33
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3 &&p3 baltimore city police mmae aa aarest after a wooan is found & deed in a house fire.police & say she was murdered. &pmurdeeed.meggn gilliland ii live from the sceeeein laaest on the susppcted killer and how hee llegedly knew is &ppvctim. -3 3 good mornnng guyswe re ive 33 avenne.inside this charred -3 home... police madeea grueeome discovery... finding the body of ennifer conners..hey & believe shh was killed at the carrer.police say the two met on an online ddaing weesite - v outreach worker withh hhe cciy's health departmenn. but & her accused iller... was a pan with a criminal history... that according to online courtt records, includes burglary, &pdrug and theft charges. &p3 (guglielmi) "i meen, i oo't
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but aa aaimal behiid foo.. an absolutely eeregious murder oo &psomeooe who dedicateddher life - to helping others."(ms. strachhn/neiihbor) it doesnnt & matter if we knnw her or not, it's he simple act that 3 somebody actually murderee her." -3 her."police found 32-year old &pjennifer onyers... tied up 3& ttpe. investigatoos say she was beaten and draaged into by monteecartee.detectives say pe stole her car and a-t-m card.on sattrday... police spotted ccater in west whitt mussaag.when hey caught - pp with him... they ayyhe was covered in blood. 3 what carter admitted o police... cominggup in 30 minutes.liie in northwest baltimore, i'' megaa gillilann, fox45 mmrning news. a man is in cciticallcondition 3&ppn west happenedd aroundd6-15 last night along north stricker street near rrggs avenueepolice say the
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to shock's no worddon a suspect. &p3 a high chool teacher dies in ccunty.witnesses told police that a car crossed the center-line on sulllian road & nearrroute 27 in westminster parly yesttrday morning.then the car... driven by 24-yeer- pldddevin spencc... hit a school bus.spence diid.hee 3 the bus was huut. 3 the mayor layy oot her plan... to avoiddsenniiggbaltimore over its own fiscal cllff. cliff.a report released last week warned that the city & dollars in deficits over the next ten yyars... nless raise revenues.yesterday... 3 addresss.. ayyr tephanie rawlings-blake promised maaor channgs to the city's financee & to avood anyyfuturr problems.retirement plan for ll city workers... innludiig police aad firefighters.she says tte -cost of outtated benefits...
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city's budgett 3 < "bbllimore's pension system & for civilian workerr in the 3 that doesn't require any emplloee contribution. thht - must chaage."> change.">theemayor also plans to reduce thh cityys workforcee byy en percent over the nnxt decade....nd he's considdring a new storm water fee... and a - new ttash pickuppfee... oo raiie revenuess 3 police in southeen & califorriaacontinue the largest manhhnt iinlos angeees history..... offering a inforration leading to the l-a-p-d officer wanted for jeenesse has the latest on what police have found. p3 3 the mannuut cootinues for phristopher dorner, the exx-op wwnted ffr threeehomiccdes. &p the loo nngles police department, now combing through hundreds of leads... - nniman says... "assof his &pmornnng i ccn ttll you thaa we aaeefolllwing up on ver six in froo the publicc..some oof - theee ae reeated toospecificc &pllcations oo sightings of porner." numerous false sightings have stretched
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the department ranks thinn.. a one-million dollar -3 reeard has been offered rrm private donations, local govvrnments and civic organizztionssfor information leading toohisscapture.beck says: "this s not aboot capturingg fleeing susppct, thii is about preventing a future crime... likely pollce now calling the -3 former l-a police officer a ádomestic ttrroristá while concentrating the search in 3 aree. neiman says.. "until we llok at evvry nook and cranny in that area and thee are -3 satisfied that ddrner is not in thht area and therreis no infoomation hhre we willl continue to search thereeas 33 dorner has vowee revenge 3 colleagues... adding to the severity of this manhunt....- beck ssys... "it is y sincere deeire to bring mr. dornee to justtce.. to bring &phim tt courtt to capturr him aaive. it ii absolluely what p want and it woulddbe myy prrferenne if he's waaching - thhs he surrender so ww can pnn this nightmmre." la
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peunesse says: while the pursuit for dorner continues....- p the riverside 3 allegedly murdered laat & week... will be llid to rest on wednesday. in los anggless william la jeunesse, pfox newss 3 two men ave been chargee in the murder of chicago teen who mmrcced in presiient obama's inaugural parade.3 pendleton" was shot and killedd in january at a park while & police say one offthe men... 18-year-old micheail ward confessed to opening fire 3 frieeds after mistaking thee -3 group or members of a rival ward andd20-year-old kenneth illiams will make their first appearrnce in & court today. 3 gabby giiforrs and hhr husbbnd mark elly re & featured in a new ad on gun pontrol. the former at a political event in ariiona twooyyars ago. &p the ad reeeased monday.... urges congresssto takk action on stricterrgun coottol laww. while aa assault weapons baa appears unlikely...there is wwde upport for legislation on univvrssl background
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checks. six ppeople died and 13 others weree pwunded in he arizzna - shooting innluding giffords. 3&pnorth korea conducts its third nuclear bbmb est... in a move - phat'' being monitored clloely... all over the world. 3 stooy. 3 north korea says it carried 3 todaay.. it's says it was moreepowerful ttan earlier blasts, but the device was -smaller in size and lighterr the u-s geooogical ssrveyydid - report a seismic event near 3 earrier tests. today's had a maggitude of five point one.. south korea estimatee thee blast was around six orrseven the earlier tests.north korea &precently wwrnedd t planned new nuuleer ttss and more loogg raage roccet launches.experts say thh timinggis not an after comes aheaa of of the unnin address this evening.and juss ahead of the -3 biithday of ffrmer nooth &pjong il diid in 2011 and wws
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3 succeeded byyhis son kim jong &puninternationaa analyst jim tactical."tth party was ead, it wws dormant, no one cared &pabout it, now they're trying to ump it up,but his is a military first society, how do you balance all of that? i -3 think oome that's the quuetion oinggforward."in a statemmnt, president obama - called the testt highly provocative acttthat undermines reggonall stability... and warrants swwft and credible action by the international communitt. i'm ed payne repooring 3 the unitedd ations sscuriiy council isseepecttd to hold an emmrgency meetiiggon nortt porea at 9 a-m this morning. 3 a group of men in the gaza ssrip are using the hit ssng &p"ganggam style"... to seed a polltical message around the world. here you see them wearing traaitionall headscarf... starring in a viddo at one offgaza'ssbeaahes. p they want toodraw attention o the hardssips ii the gaza strip. the video takes jjas at unemploymeett.. fuel
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shortage... and israel's &pimposed blockade oo the gazz stripp the video ending with the men dancing in front &pof a booder crossinn into israel... highlighting the restrictton of movements psraal's blockadd. - 33 a fiie day cruise to the caribbean turns into aa disaster for passsngerr on 3 over the wwekend the carnivallcruise shii caught &pfire in the shhp's ennine 3 thousaad people stuck at sea. extinguished uickly... but of the shhp were far frrm - ideal. 3& he was cryiig and stuff andd have no running aterr they have no waa to use the bathroomm bathroom. other &pcarnival cruise liners mmt tte sttanded vessel to bring food and sspplies. tte ssip is now being towwd to palabama. 3& juut inn ime forr paleetine's day... a statte thht recreates one off he most famous kisses of all time has returned.
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3 he iant statue -3 peplicates the iconic wwrld war two-era photo of tte kissiig sailor inntimes square. aater being moved & arrund and debbaed over the --3 past year.... tth statute is calling "theesan diego waterfront"... hhmee - it'll also be the site for many vowel reneewls. -&p3 we are having somm world war ii couples renewwtheir wedddng voww 0 years later underrthe -3& kiss, so it's really ann & ppportunity to ppyyour respects to all of thooe wwo - serve in uuiform." - uniform." theestatte was created by seward johnsoo &pjuniorr... ann shippeddall the way from trenton,,new jerrey. ttere will be a ffrmal dedication ceremony on &ppattrday. 3 one lucky couple ii getting parriid this friday... aad you get to decidd the details of their wedddng! &pwedding!it's our wedding in a -3 week contest.starring att9 this morriig... o o our -3 to voteefor whiih bouquet our bride erica ill carry down the aisle. & isle.and you can watch ericaa and arthur get marrred live on
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&pfox45 morniig newssthis rrday. 3cominn up on the early 3 16th... stepping down. -3 doww.the speculation that's -33 begun... over who will rrplace him. 3 -3 3 ((break ))
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((traffic reporttr addlibs)) & 3 3 3
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3 3 still to come... missakes... 3 keep you from getting a loan. loan.the informationnto looo for... when checking your &pcredit report. &p3 pardinal dolaa ays: "i have to e honestt i'm ass socked &pand as startled as all oo 3 the catholic church deals with a hasn't experiinned in almost 600 years.the timellne religious leaders are working with... to replace he pope. -3 3 ((break 2))
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worldwide reaction s pouringg pooe benedict the 16th that he - wiil retirr at the enn of this 3 came tto days before the start of lent... but the 85-year-old &ppapal leader says he doessnot &pinnhis capaccty as leaaer of the church.jennifee davis has
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details from washiigton. p &&p3 davisssays: "pope &&pbenedict the 11th, i the firss pope tt resign in nearly 600 years - and nnw thee -3 catholic hurch heads into uncharted territory."ccrdinal dolan says: "i have to be honnst, i'm as pf you." cardinal wwehrl & saay: "this is very & sttrtling. totally unpreparee for itt" evvn the pope'ssccrdinals and closest aidee diint see this ccming. the pope announcing this mooning hat he''l ressgn at the end of the month because he doesnt have he physiial strength to carry out his papal duties.(nats) in a - statemmnt the pppe xplaiied - i have had to reccgnize my 3 fulfill the ministry entrusted toomea"a&" hees had a relatively shhrt tenuree it -3 was just 2005 wen joseph cardinal ratzziger succeeded john aul the second. burke says: "joseph ratzinger had always been ccnsidereddsuch a traditionalist, but many of &psomebbdy wwo thinkk oot of the box' and i think this is - really theeprooo of that." elected at theeage of - the archbishop
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of miami -3 says that was evident whee he - traveeed with the 55yyaa old in cbaalast year.wenski says: his doctors told him he shouldd 33 (edit) we saw him paccng himself or his handlers accng says the hope is tt ave a nee 3 great speculation now begiis pbbut wwo the college oo & carrinals will select toolead tte orld's eetimated onee -3 billion catholics. ruddy says: "i think it is more likely it will be from 3 another one of thh ccntinents. i think there ii ust too much concern that hhaing an pmerican woull be too much oo p concentratton of owwr in america.. davis says: "theepresident has extended ann the house speaaer- the & congress - says this decision shows the pope's huuilitt nd love for the church. in & washington, jennnfer davis, fox news." 3straight ahead... one i fivv 33 3 p the steps yoo
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can take to make ssre your report is free of eeror. 3 ((break 3))
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p with mistaaee on their prrors serious enough to --3 impact credit scorrs. what can -3&pwe look for to make sure our karin caifa hhs detaals in today's consumer watch. watch. 3 the time to review your credit report ii before you gee connronted wwth a ed flag. &pnegative information staas oo a crrdit report or sevenn years, ann bankruptcies ffr up to ten. and thht information -3 could influenne the innerest you ay on everything from 3 whether you get those loans at all. if you haven't looked in & awhile, your credit reporr includds current aad previous addresses, credit accounts and &pany late or skiiped paammnts, arrested, and bankruptcy filings.the faar credit &preportiig act entitles each consumer to annannual copy of hii or her credit report from each oo the ttree major &preporting agencies. to maximize the bbnefitss stagger tte three requests throughouu -3 the year. scan reports for
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thingssthat could e ddagging down your creddt score. that can include open ines off credit that you're not using & r thouuht you clossd, aadreeses where you've never lived or thht llok suspicioos, and creeit inquiries that you & didn't make.if you ffnd an error, start by contacting thh coosumer reporring compaay that ccmpiled the reportt & theyyre required to for consumer watch, i'm karin paifa. -pcooing up... a ostage sittation... that gained national attention. aatention.when the little boy held captive in a alabama 3-
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reducing sodium in yourrdiet. the impresssive way itt already saving lives. on fox -3 45 news at fiie. 33 & 3

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